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Part 48 (b) Training Program Surface Metal / Non Metal
Section 48.27 (a) Miners


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Program Overview

All training and supervised practice and operation required by this section will be given by a qualified trainer, or a supervisor experienced in the assigned tasks, or other person experienced in the assigned task.


These miners will not be allowed to perform new tasks without direction and immediate supervision until they have demonstrated safe work procedures to the operator or the operator’s agent.


When changes occur in a miner’s assigned task that affects the health and safety risks encountered by the miner, the miner will receive training.


Workplace Exams
Any individual designated to conduct or supervise Workplace Examinations shall receive appropriate training relative to this task. The training for Workplace Examinations shall include: proper procedures for conducting a workplace examination, hazard recognition, protocols for minimizing and or mitigating hazards, barricading hazardous areas as well as proper reporting of hazardous conditions. This training will be documented on an MSHA Form 5000-23.


These miners will be trained as specified below before performing the new task: All miners shall demonstrate task(s) under the direct supervision of an experienced miner.

Employees of the training provider or individual contractors trained may not be assigned to a specific mine. Various topics will be taught on a general basis in regards to communications, control plans, and site wide hazards. More specific training will be obtained from the operator prior to beginning work at the mine.

The training plan for this virtual classroom course is approved by MSHA. At completion, students will obtain the 5000-23 form to work on a mine site.


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